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     Battery Energy Storage Systems


We stocke the LG Chem RESU Plus range including the resu 10H and resu 6.5

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing your Energy Storage System. 

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions and highlight the key factors you should consider before deciding on the right solar storage system for you.

  • What is inside a Tesla Powerwall?
  • Are flow batteries safe?
  • How long do lead acid batteries last?

What other batteries are there?

Tesla Powerwall, Redflow, Sungel, there are plenty to choose from.

LG Chem RESU 6.5  lithium-ion battery

  • State-of-the-art technology uses 'pouch' cells developed by LG Chem, world leader in lithium-ion battery development
  • Lightweight and compact - 52kg, 400 x 600 x 170 (W x H x D, mm) - doesn't require a large installation area
  • Depth of discharge 80-90%
  • 6,000 cycles, 15 year lifespan
  • One-time purchase and installation fee
  • Does not require servicing or maintenance
  • Designed specifically for peak-shaving

             The most advanced lithium-ion battery technology


Flow battery

  • Leakage or spills of active solutions/electrolytes give off toxic and hazardous gases (eg. Bromine vapour)
  • Require good ventilation to avoid build-up of toxic fumes
  • Require replacement of active solutions/electrolytes every few years
  • Heavy and bulky - require large storage area
  • Require additional components to ensure safe operation (eg. pumps)
  • Require regular monitoring and maintenance of components and pumps


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Lead-acid battery

  • Use poisonous material, lead, for both anode and cathode
  • Use a dangerous and hazardous liquid, sulfuric acid, for electrolyte solution
  • Need to be connected in a banked configuration and use a large number of batteries to achieve this
  • Require very large storage area
  • Require good ventilation to avoid build-up of toxic fumes
  • Poor lifespan
  • Large capacity is required to ensure usable power supply at low depth of discharge.

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Other lithium-ion battery

  • May use thousands of smaller cylindrical style battery technology (eg. AA-size batteries)
  • What is inside the Telsa Powerwall?
  • Cylindrical battery technology used in battery storage sees battery lifespan considerably reduced
  • May not represent best value for money when considering initial cost and lifespan
  • Many other lithium-ion battery storage products are heavy, bulky, and require large storage areas
  • Some other lithium-ion battery storage do not provide varied installation options (eg. wall-mount or stand)
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Is it Cost Effective?

  • How much am I going to pay?
  • How much does battery storage save on my power bill?
  • What is the payback period on battery storage?
  • I have home solar. Will the solar battery storage save me money?

These are typical of the questions being asked on a daily basis by customers and to answer, we need need to take into account which factors can influence the calculation of returns on your solar battery storage investment. 

There are a lot of factors that go into calculating return on investment. Here is an example of what you would consider and the calculations that are done to best advise you.

Let’s assume you are paying 30c per kWh for your power today.

The LG Chem RESU 10 battery storage has 24,300 kilowatt-hours in lifespan. On face value the math is easy. 
24,300hrs x .30c = $7290.00. The battery costs $6600.00.

This is the base calculation you would be working on but there are other factors when looking at battery storage. 

Electricity prices are going up, historically 5% per year and this completely changes the end result. 

This completely changes the end result.

If your battery is balanced by your installer to run for peak consumption only, then you get the best return from your battery each year and the return would be greater that our first calculation.

A battery can degrade each year by as much as 5% so we are back to where we started.

Hang on is there more to this?

If the battery is only being used to eliminate peak electricity and this is under the kWh s of the battery daily rate, then we could expect the battery to last far greater than the expected 13 years. Would you use more than 10kWh’s of power at peak each day? Doubtfully.

Does this mean that the payback is neutral up to then? Yes!

If electricity prices go up significantly over the next 10 years, more than the historic 5%, you will always be in front of your investment thanks to your energy storage system. 

This also makes buying the right battery for the right price a very important factor to consider. 

The LG RESU range is by far the most cost effective energy storage system on the market with a entry price of $3320.00. This takes into consideration cost, storage capacity and lifespan of the battery. After all, if your battery only lasts for 5 years, this isn't good value. The LG RESU 10kWh at $6915.00 has the best return on your money in the market over the lifespan of the battery.  

Keep in mind the benefits of your solar day to day, looking after the fridge, the water heater, and the little things that are unavoidably running all through the day in your home.

Essentially they work hand in hand and are saving you money and the environment.


Can I go off grid?

Being independent from the grid is possible with BESS however there are factors to consider including location, level of power usage and why you chose to go off the grid. 

Is a Powerwall 2 or the LG Chem RESU going to have enough power to get me off the grid?

This all depends on how and when the power in your home is used. For instance how large is your home and how many people live in the home? Are they all power conscious and turn off the lights, TV and computer? These are often the factors which drive up our power usage the most. Modern homes have good insulation and power saving devices but power consumption always comes down to the family’s commitment to save power usage.

Having said that, yes it is possible to go off grid with the LG Chem RESU range.

Regional homes all over Australia are off grid, either because they have not other options or they choose to be.

Going off the grid has its advantages as well as disadvantages.

The advantage is independence from power bills and rising power prices, as well as greater control of your consumption. Once you are off the grid, your costs stay the same, at least for a while. Over time of course you be affected by battery degradation and other environmental factors but these can often be predicted and planned for. There are also the environmental benefits of relying on your own power production and storage.

For many however, having battery storage and staying on the grid is the ideal combination. Using your battery to take care of peak loading- peak shaving, when the power costs the most from the grid will reduce costs but also ensures you have a safety net if your power usage fluctuates.


Misleading Information in the Market

The information on battery storage available can be misleading. There are important details to take note of when choosing a battery energy storage system. 

Battery prices now being advertised in Australia are often quoted in US dollars and do not include additional costs such as GST and delivery.

Some of these products will not be available in Australia for some time but require pre-order on products that have no ready available specification on them.

Details on the makeup of batteries is often hard to attain and this should ring alarm bells. With the rapid demand for battery storage, some suppliers entering the industry are using low technology, in some cases thousands of small AA batteries similar to what you would find in a TV remote, and built in giga type factory component assembly lines.

LG Chem do not use this technology.

LG Chem have developed the latest advanced Lithium-ion technology, lamination and stacking - a process which eliminates dead space, enables high energy density and enhances the sustainability of cell structures; the end result being compactness and long lifespan. This technology, also being used for the hybrid automotive industry, is testimony to the safety and durability of the manufacturers product.

Some types of battery storage units presently being sold in Australia are lead acid type batteries. Lead acid type batteries may appear to have larger capacities. However, Lead acid can effectively only use a small portion of their capacity. Otherwise, the battery components are susceptible to damage and the lead acid battery lifespan is greatly reduced. So the total storage size is not an accurate reflection of use size.


How to Calculate Value

Cost price alone should not be the only factor when choosing your Battery Energy Storage System. The value of your energy storage is paramount to saving you money. 

Capacity is also another factor but as we spoke about above, how the batteries are made, and what materials are used affect the effectiveness of the battery and dictate whether full capacity os used or not.

There is also the question of longevity. 

The question is why buy a battery at $3,500.00 US ($4,547.00 AUD) which needs replacement in 5 years when for $6,250.00 AUD you can buy a battery which operates for 15 years.

The return on investment is obvious, $13,641.00 for the comparison battery being replaced three times over 15 years, rather than a once off purchase of $6,250.00. The difference in value of the LG Chem RESU is more than double. This comparison is based on a product which has similar operating range and capacity.

 Read more:

Last year, a shipment of Samsung SDI cells was received by Tesla and the company disclosed that they were evaluating the use of the cells for their energy storage products.On a conference call hosted by Goldman Sachs for bondholders following Tesla’s new bond issuance earlier this week, Musk said that Tesla would actually use Samsung cells in the Powerpacks for the major project in South Australia, according to sources who were on the call.

Tesla confirms contract with the LG Electronics affiliate,LG Chem is known for its long-lasting batteries.

Panasonic is the largest lithium-ion battery producer for electric cars. But LG has been gaining traction.

LG Chem has earned a reputation among car makers for its high-quality materials that have led to long-lasting batteries. LG is supplying batteries to General Motors Co. for its Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid, as well as a fully electric car called the Chevrolet Bolt, which is expected to have a 200-mile range roughly twice the range of Nissan ’sLeaf electric car.

LG also has deals with Ford Motor Co. , Audi AG and Renault SA . Nissan-Renault Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn has said he believes LG has the best cell available and is evaluating whether to use the battery in forthcoming Nissan electric cars.Tesla Motors Inc. confirmed it has a contract with South Korean battery maker LG Chem Ltd.for upgrades to the company’s first car, the Roadster, which has since been discontinued. The new pack bumped up the range to around 400 miles, a 35% increase.

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If you have a community who want to work together to buy in bulk, great savings can be made. 

Battery solar in South Australia

With the Adelaide City Council providing a $5000.00 incentive to buy battery storage it’s no wonder South Australia is set to lead the way into the battery storage era. Plenty of sunshine combined with high electricity tariffs means storing your power in South Australia makes good sense. Soon to be included in the Feilong Home Appliance Group Ltd standard home purchase.

South Australia has also expereinced several blackouts in 2016, including a statewide blackout that left homes and business powerless. Homes with Solar Battery Energy Storage were able to continue on, using the power they themselves generated and were unaffected by the blackout. 

Riverland SA, Far West Coast SA, Yorke Peninsula SA, Clare SA, Jamestown SA, Cleve SA,

Adelaide SA
Balhannah SA
Burra SA Clare SA
Ceduna SA
Clarendon SA
Dudley Park SA
Holden Hill SA
Keith SA
Kingscote SA

Lewiston SA
Lonsdale SA
Magill SA
Marion SA
Marleston SA
Minnipa SA
Morphettville SA
Mount Barker SA
Mount Gambier SA

Mt Pleasant SA
Murray Bridge SA
Netley SA
O'Halloran Hill SA
Parafield Gardens SA
Plympton Park SA
Port Pirie SA
Port Wakefield SA
Prospect SA

Roxby Downs SA
Royal Park SA
Salisbury SA
Strathalbyn SA
Summertown SA
Victor Harbour SA
Waikerie SA
Woodville Gardens SA
Wynn Vale SA

BS Movement inTasmania, New South Wales and Victoria.

These states all share the same challenges to provide the right situation in the market to make battery storage work. With lower available sunshine may cause longer payback, however with the combination of time of use billing with tariff arbitrage cheap off-peak power potential payback periods may become reduced.

Battery and solar  in Victoria 

Gouldburn Valley Vic   Wimmera Mallee Vic   East Gippsland Vic  Latrobe Valley Vic   Melbourne West Vic, Eldorado Vic.

Peninsula Vic, South West Vic, Geelong Vic, Kiama Vic, St Kilda Vic, Bacchus Marsh Vic, Armadale Vic, Maryborough Vic. Latrobe Vic. Armadale Vic, Moe Newborough Vic, Ballarat Vic.

Albury Vic
Bairnsdale Vic
Bannockburn Vic
Benalla Vic
Bendigo Vic
Bonnie Doon Vic
Buninyong Vic
Bunyip Vic
Castlemaine Vic
Churchill Vic
Cobram Vic

Colac Vic
Corowa Vic
Drouin Vic
Geelong Vic
Hamilton Vic
Hastings Vic
Inverloch Vic
Langwarrin Vic
Leeton Vic

Little River Vic
Loch Vic
Lockwood Vic
Metung Vic
Mildura Vic
Moolap Vic
Mooroopna Vic
Narrandera Vic
Nilma Vic
Numurkah Vic
Portland Vic

Sale Vic
Shepparton Vic
Skye Vic
Stawell Vic
Tarwin Lower Vic
Tatong Vic
Trafalgar Vic
Wangaratta Vic
Warrnambool Vic
Wodonga Vic

BS movement  in New South Wales

Far North Coast NSW , Coffs Harbour NSW , Port MacQuarie NSW, Central West NSW, Inner West NSW, Swan Hill NSW

Nowra NSW, Riverina NSW,Balmain NSW, Lugarno NSW, Wagga Wagga NSW, Naremburn NSW, Chatswood NSW, Carlingford NSW, Griffith NSW.

Adamstown NSW
Albion Park NSW
Ambarvale NSW
Ballina NSW
Balmoral NSW
Bathurst NSW
Bendigo NSW
Blue Mountains NSW
Bomaderry NSW
Boro NSW
Bradbury NSW
Broken Hill NSW
Hurstville NSW

Byron Bay NSW
Caldera NSW
Canowindra NSW
Casino NSW
Colo Vale NSW
Cooks Hill NSW
Cooma NSW
Currumbin NSW
Dapto NSW
Dubbo NSW
East Maitland NSW
Gerroa NSW
Shellharbour NSW

Glen Alpine NSW
Glen Innes NSW
Goulburn-Malwaree NSW
Katoomba NSW
Kempsey Hazelbrook NSW
Lenox heads NSW
Leumeah NSW
Maitland NSW
Mildura NSW
Mittagong NSW
Moonee Beach NSW
Moss Vale NSW
Woodbine NSW

Mount Hutton NSW
New Lambton NSW
Newcastle NSW
North Avoca NSW
Old Bar NSW
Queanbeyan NSW
Rosemeadow NSW
Ruse NSW
Shoalhaven NSW
Silverwater NSW
Springwood NSW
St George NSW
Campbelltown NSW

Suffolk Park NSW
Tamworth NSW
Thirroul NSW
Toukley NSW
Tura Beach NSW
Tweed Valley NSW
Tyalgum NSW
Ulladulla NSW
Vineyard NSW
Wattamolla NSW
Wingecarribee NSW
Wollongong NSW
Punchbowl NSW

Battery and solar in Tasmania

Southern Tasmania, Northern Tasmania

Buderim Tas
Cygnet Tas
Devonport Tas
Launceston Tas

Perth Tas
Sheffield Tas
Snug Tas
South Hobart Tas
Youngtown Tas

Battery and solar in Queensland 

It is in Queensland that battery energy storage can really change the game. With very high daytime household power consumption from air coolers and pool pumps, coupled with a large amount of sunlight solar and battery storage makes sense.

Nerang Qld, Morningside Qld, New Beith Qld,Currumbin Qid.

Beaudesert Qld
Brendale Qld
Brisbane Qld
Broadbeach Qld
Buderim Qld
Bundaberg East Qld
Bundall Qld
Burpengary Qld
Cairns Qld
Castletown Qld
Cedar Pocket Qld
Charleville Qld
Glendale Qld

Cleveland Qld
Coopers Plains Qld
Currumbin Qld
Eight Mile Plains Qld
Emerald Qld
Geebung Qld
Gin Gin Qld
Gladstone Qld
Glenwood Qld
Gordonvale Qld
Helensvale Qld
Marcoola Qld
Bracken Ridge Qld

Herberton Qld
Highfields Qld
Hyde Park Qld
Kanimbla Qld
Kawana Qld
Kewarra Beach Qld
Lawnton Qld
Lowood Qld
Mackay Qld
Maleny Qld
Mansfield Qld
Palm Beach Qld
Sandgate Qld

Maroochy River Qld
Marsden Qld
Molendinar Qld
Mount Low Qld
Mt Isa Qld
Mudgeeraba Qld
Nambour Qld
Nimbin Qld
North Arm Qld
North Lakes Qld
Paget Qld
Wynnum Qld
Hervey Bay Qld

Petrie Qld
Robina Qld
Rockhampton Qld
Southport Qld
Thornlands Qld
Tinana Qld
Toowoomba Qld
Townsville Qld
Tweed Heads Qld
Walkerston Qld
Woodbury Qld
Gold Coast Qld
Central Coast Qld

Battery and solar in the Western Australia

Esperence WA
Albany WA
Alexander Heights WA
Beverley WA
Broome WA
Bunbury WA
Burswood WA
Busselton WA

Great Southern WA
Denmark WA
Duncraig WA
Edgewater WA
Ellenbrook WA
Geraldton WA
Greenwood WA
Jandakot WA

Kimberley WA
Joondalup WA
Kalgoorlie WA
Karratha WA
Lakelands WA
Lynwood WA
Mandurah WA
Dalyellup WA

Mandurah WA
Mosman Park WA
Palmyra WA
Rockingham WA
South Fremantle WA
The Vines WA
York WA
Eaton WA

Battery and solar installations in the Northern Territory

With more families in Darwin staying in the home out of the heat the ATA has suggested that soon it will be financially beneficial to have a 4kW solar with 4kWh storage. How the electricity is supplied the system is under pressure from cloudy days. NRG Solar promote battery storage in the NT. Particularly when the cloud cover is fast moving and hard to predict. Ideally the LG Chem RESU 16H kWh battery will become  a popular option but to cover short time power disruptions is what will work best for the north. The Northern Territory Governments $2000.00 vouchers to householders can use this for battery storage.

Alice Springs NT
Darwin NT
Director NT

Howard Springs NT
Palmerston NT
Katherine NT

BS movement in the ACT

In May 2016 the ACT government has offered 2 million dollars available for a battery solar storage tender.

Banks ACT
Bonython ACT
Canberra ACT
Caldwell ACT
Dickson ACT

Fisher ACT
Fyshwick ACT
Isabella Plains ACT
Kingston ACT
Wanniassa ACT

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